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Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Face Value is a novel by Vera Cowie, a British writer born in 1928. This novel tells the story of Eve Czerny, head of her own cosmetics empire. She is an expert in selling dreams. She knows that if the packaging is right, women wil flock to buy her expensive lotions which promise youth and beauty and happiness. Glamorous, wealthy and a formidable entrepreneur, Eve has made a hugely successful living out of believing in her own dreams.

Born plain Anna Farkas on a peasant farm in Hungary, she left for the West in the wake of the Uprising and refashioned herself as Eve Czerny, Empress of Beauty—using her shrewd business head, her energy, determination and cunning, and the beautiful face she was born with.

But hidden in Eve’s past is an ugly truth she cannot bear the world to know: she has a daughter, Alex, whose lie she has blighted by starving her of love.

Once a plain child, now a clever and resourceful young woman, Alex discovers that, at last, she has something Eve needs. Mother and daughter are locked in a power struggle—both strong, both fragile, both fighting to survive… 

Buku ini diterbitkan pertama kali oleh William Collins Sons & Co. di London, Inggris, pada 1990. Pada tahun yang sama, Fontana menerbitkannya pertama kali juga  sebagai edisi “Continental”. Tahun berikutnya, 1991, Fontana sebagai imprint HarperCollins Publishers menerbitkan pertama kali edisi paperbacknya. Buku yang kami jual ini merupakan cetakan pertama edisi paperback tersebut.

Judul: Face Value
Penulis: Vera Cowie
Bahasa: Inggris
Kulit Muka: Soft Cover
Tebal: 426 Halaman
Dimensi: 11 x 17,5 Cm
Penerbit: Fontana (HarperCollins Publishers), London
Tahun: Cetakan Pertama, 1991
Kondisi: Cukup Bagus (Bercak-bercak kecokelatan karena termakan usia di balik cover, beberapa lembar pertama dan terakhir, serta sisi luar buku. Kertas kecokelatan.)
Harga: Rp36.000
Stok: 1

Semua buku yang kami jual merupakan buku original, termasuk buku ini.

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